* IT JUST MAY SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE; you might not realize it initially,but losing sleep can put a strain on your relationship.Lack of sleep can make you feel grumpy and cause you to snap at your partner for no reason.A night time baby nurse can help relieve some of that friction by lending a helping hand and allowing you both to get some sleep.
* SAVING YOUR SANITY IS WORTH IT; when you are up every hour on the hour with your baby,it’s easy to feel rundown,ragged and miserable.You need to preserve your mental health.
* IT CAN HELP YOU BOTH PARENTS; night nurse don’t just take care of newborns,they also take care of mom and dad.And when you are well cared for you can be your best both physically and emotionally.Getting a good night’s sleep can set you up for success during the day and there’s nothing better than that.
* YOU DON’T NEED AN EXTRA ROOM FOR A NANNY; A night nurse ,unlike a live -in nanny who requires her own bedroom will often set up a camp right in the baby’s nursery.This arrangement let’s her snooze as the baby sleeps and get up easily when the little one wakes ,all without disturbing your slumber.
* IT’S CHEAPER THAN LOSING YOUR JOB; Need another reason for hiring a night nurse..? Look no further than your job.” We hired a night nanny over 11years ago when my twins were born,It came out of desperation,I wasn’t able to keep up with the feedings and my husband had a grueling work schedule so I couldn’t expect him to help me every night “says wendie Khabie.
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